Elementary School

First Presbyterian Academy's Elementary School consists of K5, K6 Transitional and 1st through 5th grades.  The academic day begins at 8:00am and concludes at 2:15pm. Students must adhere to the Academy Dress Code. Some Academy Adventures after school programs are available at the end of the school day.

While every aspect of the school is based upon a Biblical worldview, as an evangelical school, First Presbyterian Academy is open to all qualified students regardless of their, or their parents', religious background or training.

SAIS Accreditation and Governance

First Presbyterian Academy is seeking accreditation from the Southern Association of Independent Schools. As a ministry of First Presbyterian Church, the Academy is governed by a committee appointed by the session.

Teachers & Staff

The Elementary grades are characterized by small classes, taught by experienced, degreed teachers, utilizing the very best curriculum available. All First Presbyterian Academy teachers and staff are dedicated, Christian professionals who love children and seek to provide a clear model of a biblical, grace-centered Christian life and worldview to our students.

Instructional Opportunities

The Elementary School academic offerings include the following subjects and enrichment classes, including STEM Lab.  A LEAP Program is available for gifted students. Students will also have access to our Academic Center, which offers academic coaching, curriculum tutorial, cognitive skills enhancement, and enrichment for students with language-based difficulties.

Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview is an overarching view of the world based on God’s revealed truth, the Bible, which directs our life in the world. The Christian Worldview is the framework through which the academic program is taught, and it permeates all levels of the school and all coursework at the school.

Campus Facility

The Elementary School is part of First Presbyterian Academy and classes are located on the first and second floors of the Symmes-Wilson Building. There is a plan for a new facility that will include the Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School. The new school will be located in downtown Greenville on the First Presbyterian Church campus.